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Campus Map, Driving Directions and More

April 25, 2012

Format Of The Event

I want to make sure that it’s clear to everyone; the event is going to be a single track in a single room.  We thought this would be the best format for our initial conference.  Even though it’s a single track you will be exposed to a variety of Functional Programming ideas and languages so we hope there will be something fun and new for everyone.  And I’m not exaggerating even a little when I say we’ve got some of the best speakers in the country to come and talk to us.

More Details On Our Venue

We’re going to be holding the GLFPC in room LA275 on the campus.  Room LA275 is in the Crane Liberal Arts and Sciences building.  Here’s a link to a map of the campus:  We’ll have signage up so hopefully no one will have a tough time finding the room.  I will post this link on the website so don’t worry if you later misplace this e-mail.

Here’s a link to driving directions for those driving in to Ann Arbor:  Again I’ll post that link on the GLFPC blog so don’t worry if you misplace this e-mail.

Get Your Twitter ID On Your Badge!

If you’d like your twitter ID on your badge, please contact me directly via e-mail.  I have gotten the e-mails of those who’ve already requested this so don’t worry that I didn’t see your message.  On the other hand if you mailed me and I didn’t respond–mail me again.  Spam filters can be aggressive.

Along those same lines, if you have interest in a particular language and you’d like that on your badge, I can also print that on people’s badges as well.  Might help us to find like-minded developers.  I’m planning to put F#, Scala and Clojure on my badge cause I’ve played with all three and they’re all interesting to me.  Again, just e-mail me and I’ll add it to your badge.  Or you can write on your badge when you get there too.

Coffee and Bagels and Scones, Oh My

We’ll have coffee and bagels (and some scones) available on the morning of the event.  However, we won’t have decaf so if you really don’t like high octane in your morning beverage, you probably want to get your coffee before you get to the event.  We’re also planning to have some hot water and tea for those who like that.  By the way, big thanks to Atomic Object who are picking up  the cost of coffee service for us.  Next time you see an Atomic Object employee, treat them to a coffee.

Conference WiFi

You know how WiFi at a conference is usually not so hot (although kudos to CodeMash cause theirs was great this year)?  Well, guess what–WCC has campus-wide WiFi so for this event anyway, you should be able to get WiFi that will be comparable to your workplace. 

Meet Your Fellow Functional Nerds Before The Festivities

We’re going to have an informal get together on Friday May 4 for anyone who cares to join.  Probably 6 pm or so at the Habana Cellar Lounge (thanks Chris Marinos and Dianne Marsh for your recommendations).  Watch this space for more details.  As I say, this will be quite informal–no need to register or anything of that sort.  Maybe we’ll all wear red carnations so we can find each other–or maybe not.

Fabulous Prizes!

O’Reilly Media has graciously offered to donate some functional programming books for us to give away so we’re going to have some great books for some lucky developers to take home.  In fact, I believe we’re going to be among the first folks in the country to get a physical, pre-release copy of one of the books in question (my fingers are crossed). So if you see any O’Reilly foks, treat them to a book.

Another Event You May Want To Know About

A quick item which may interest some of you–if you’ve got it left in you after our event, on May 31 Detroit Dev Days is going to present the Scala Koans at the Madison Building in Detroit.  Dianne Marsh (who will be speaking to us), Bruce Eckel and Daniel Spiewak are the terrific trio who will lead people along the path to Scala Zen. E-mail me privately if you want more details on this.

Leaving On A Jet Plane

Finally, congratulations to Dave Ray who after he talks to us at the GLFPC will be boarding a plane to the West Coast to work for Netflix–well maybe not _right after_.  I’ve always said we’ve got some of the best software development talent in the world here in the Midwest–Dave is just more proof of that.  I’m really happy to see Dave show the world the kind of great developers we grow hereabouts.

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  1. Katarina permalink

    Sad to have missed the event, since I did buy a ticket, if there’s any chance I could get a hold of some notes, it would be great!

    • I’ve got the slide decks and as soon as I can confirm it with the various speakers I’ll post the slide decks here. Keep an eye out.

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