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What It’s All About

February 22, 2012

Someone asked me this today and it’s a fair question so I thought I’d write up a little something to address the question.

This developer noticed that I often blog about F# so he asked me if the Great Lakes Functional Programming Conference would be of interest to developers working in other functional languages. The answer is a most emphatic yes. If the Great Lakes Functional Programming Conference were solely concerned with F#, we’d call it the Great Lakes F# Programming Conference–truth in advertising so to speak.

Right now we’ve got speakers lined up to discuss Clojure, Scala, and even functional programming in Javascript. We’re going to have a F# speaker too and we’ll probably try to get a Haskell speaker but the main focus of the conference is discussing the functional paradigm and how to best employ it to create better software.  If you’re interested in functional programming we don’t care what language you’re writing in; we want to meet you.

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  1. Karen permalink

    Who is organizing this conference? There are no names on the site, and I haven’t any idea who is writing the posts. Is there a contact form on the site with the names of the organizers? Wish I had heard about the conference earlier.

  2. I sent you an e-mail last night re: who’s running the conference etc. If you didn’t see it, post another comment.

    Onorio Catenacci

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